About us

Fashion Uniforms founded in 2004 is young and rapidly growing corporate wear brand. Fashion Uniforms company combines best practices in design and most up-to-date company administration techniques. We made possible creative and pragmatic people work together
bringing unique products to the world. Such environment guarantees creative, yet predictable results so each and every of our customers are happy.

Design in a core of our business

Design is our core and in heart of our design is Bulychev. A long-standing member of the Riga Fashion Week (RFW), Ilya Bulychev counts more than twelve years of experience in the clothing industry, specializing in denim products. During his career he has developed a collection of uniforms for many famous HoReCa establishments in the Baltics.

Our mission

Create unique corporate fashion

First impression is timeless. Just like in childhood – small things seems big and stay for life. Our mission is to create corporate image which stands out of the crowd.

Our vision

We are able to provide our customers with whole range of products in corporate wear thus saving their time and helping generate additional revenues by attracting new customers and becoming recognizable among current.

Help our customers generate additional revenues by making them recognizable and saving their time.

Our values

Returning customer

Simple definition, yet huge backend work. Often we have to break corporate rules pursuing only one goal – make our customer happy. Returning customer is the best reward.